Why Not to Spare Some Change

Our pale blue dot, as described in Cosmos with Carl Sagan (and have you seen the new one – great stuff!) will probably go on existing far into the future regardless of what global warming does to ourselves and other species.

Maintenance of the Earth is biologically important. Some organisms will be able to adapt, but others won’t. Likewise, in business, there are processes and a vision that you may have adhered to for a long time and wish to continue. However, what if the climate changes?

How does one create momentum behind a new directive or conversely, in a change-obsessed culture, secure resources to maintain an existing one? It’s not enough to have good ideas, we also need the ability to energize others. If your company doesn’t value ideas, maybe another one would!

Since Disney has started making and marketing Star Wars, the series has come back to relevancy in a big way. Something that excites me currently is that Donald Glover is the new young Lando Calrisian. We never got a 2nd season of Firefly, but at least this is something I can take solace in. The company of old Lucasfilm prior to the acquisition by Disney would have done things differently or maybe not at all. There is a lot of energy and undeniable talent at Disney for creating something buzz-worthy and bringing it to consumers in a multi-channel strategy. They have rejuvenated a series I’ve loved from youth. Everyone wins when the right people get behind smart changes for a product.

There is a lot of negativity out there that we can subscribe to, but we can choose to look for and try to more fully appreciate good things. We ought to forge a path that builds a foundation for the future we want, rather than settle. Our dot may be small, but with true direction we can make a mark.


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