When is “Designed to Fail” a Win?

You’ve very likely heard the refrain before that “Things aren’t made like they used to be.”

Is it a great conspiracy when your phone charger cables or toaster fail?


The Joy of Universal Design

Good design. It wins over our hearts and turns good products into great products. But how do you elevate designs from good to great? An important thing to consider is inclusiveness. Great design considers the total environment in which experiences occur, and it offers intuitive, comfortable function with form. Maybe you’ve seen powerful advertising before… Continue reading The Joy of Universal Design

B2B Content Marketing and You

In a sea of information, how can B2B prospects notice you? In this article, I’m considering social media process and content strategy to get people to read and follow through with a conversion in B2B marketing – hopefully beyond just a like, retweet or +1 to include actions such as signing up for a newsletter… Continue reading B2B Content Marketing and You