Fanning the Right Flames

Fire walks are touted as a demonstration of mind over matter. Cool confidence in a hot situation. They don’t violate any natural laws either. Like feet, wood is actually a rather poor conductor of heat. However, some people’s conduct during a Tony Robbins seminar led to some of them getting burned. As you can see… Continue reading Fanning the Right Flames

Why Not to Spare Some Change

Our pale blue dot, as described in Cosmos with Carl Sagan (and have you seen the new one – great stuff!) will probably go on existing far into the future regardless of what global warming does to ourselves and other species. Maintenance of the Earth is biologically important. Some organisms will be able to adapt,… Continue reading Why Not to Spare Some Change

On Finding the Right Material

Recently, 99% Invisible (one of my favorite podcasts!) talked about how Dubai imports vast amounts of sand from Australia, as the native material of the deserts is too fine to be used in construction. Likewise, incorporating data from sources outside that which we own currently could be better-suited to our marketing strategies. Testing ideas and… Continue reading On Finding the Right Material